polished carbide rod

polished carbide rod
  • polished carbide rod
  • polished carbide rod
  • polished carbide rod
  • polished carbide rod

polished carbide rod

  • Product No.: 20188114710


Brand:WB Carbide 

Diameter :0.3mm ~42mm (our bigger Dia 90mm)
Length :1mm~330mm (Longest 800mm,by your required to cutter )
Rods :H5/H6 /gound/un-ground
Unground :Tolerance +/-0.1~0.3mm
used for cutting aluminum alloy , cast iron , stainless steel , refractory alloy steel ,nickel-based alloy , titanium alloy and non-ferrous metal , various carbide grades with stable properties have been widely recongnized by worldwide tool makers. 
Lead time:2-7days (large stock normal ship out within 2days)


More Grade for your Choosing :
Cobalt  Density
WB70 0.7 10 14.45 91.8 3800 10.5
WB60 0.6 10 14.45 92.2 4000 10.7
WB40 0.4 12 14.12 92.5 4200 10.2
WB50 0.5 8 14.5 93.2 4000 9.6
WB10 0.4 6 14.8 94.1 3800 8.7
WB20 0.2 9 14.45 94 4200 9.2
WB30 0.7 15 13.98 89 4500 13.8
WB70 Sub-fine grain size ,processing by medium speed ,good general performance ,drill bits and end mills are recommended ,suitable for cutting ordinary alloy steel ,aluminum alloy heat resistance alloy ,cast iron ,etc.
WB60 Ultra-fine grain size ,excellent heat resistance ,suitable for high -speed milling and drilling ,suitable to process alloy steel ,heat-resistance alloy ,cast iron ,non-ferrous metals ,stainless steel and other materials
WB40 Ultra-fine grain size ,with good wear resistance and toughness ,especially suitable for finishing and processing alloy steel ,aluminum alloy,Titanium alloy etc ,suitable for making end mills and reamer
WB50 Suitable for prcessing hardned hard steel ,aluminum alloy ,glass fiber reinforced materials ,high wear resistant material stainless steel ,composit graphite ,PCB ,plastic
WB10 Ultra-fine grain size,with good wear reistant ,higher wear resistant end mill and engraving tool are recommended ,suitable for processing aluminum-magnesium alloy .composite sheet ,PCB ,plastic,glass fiber reinforced plastic etc.
WB20 Selected high-quality 0.2um ultra -fine tungsten carbide powder ,with high wear resistance and toughness ,suitable for finishing of hardened steel ,high-precision and high-mirror processing of graphite ,plastic ,glass fiber reinforced materials,stainless steel and aluminum alloy ,suitable for making 0.25mm end mill ,drills boring tool.
WB30 Sub-fine grain size ,with good wear resistant and toughness ,suitbable for making punching of mould ,anti-vibration boring bar etc.


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